You are the secret ingredient to healing

Welcome to the Aurix® Family

Nuo Therapeutics, Inc., believes that a positive healing experience begins with you. Whether you’re a caregiver or a patient, the secret ingredient to success begins with education and a commitment to care. That’s why we’ve provided free educational materials to help you jumpstart the healing process.

We know that healing chronic wounds can be difficult.
Aurix® works for a broad range of wounds and patients.

The Science of Aurix®

Aurix uses infection-fighting elements in your own blood and creates a golden gel that can be applied across all wounds.

In a recent study, 96.5% of all wounds responded positively to Aurix in an average of 2.2 weeks and after an average of 2.8 treatments.

The Key to Success:

Platelets and plasma are innate healing mechanisms found in your own blood that help fight infection. When combined with Aurix, these healing mechanisms create an individualized bioactive gel scaffold that jumpstarts the natural healing process.

Harness your innate healing power

Why won’t my wound heal?

Many factors may affect the body’s ability to heal:

Other diseases may also reduce the body’s ability to heal naturally.

Be in Touch

Always keep your wound care specialist informed of
any changes to your wound.

Learn more about the power of Aurix®.

Download patient materials here.

Aurix Post-Treatment Guide download_pdf

Caring For Your Wound: Pressure Relief download_pdf

Caring For Your Diabetic Foot Ulcer download_pdf

Caring for Wounds: Wheelchair and Bed-bound Persons download_pdf