Aurix® is the only therapy of its kind that is FDA-cleared for use on ulcers and wounds of all types. Because of our ongoing commitment to better wound care science, we are always collecting data to refine and improve our technology. Here are some of our results:

*Please note that AutoloGel® is now known as Aurix®. The proprietary formulation and technology of the product has not changed.

Visible Results in Days, Not Weeks

  • Average age of wounds prior to gel treatment was 337 days.
  • 91% of long-term stalled wounds responded to Aurix treatment with a 64% reduction in volume in 15 days or less.

Significantly More Wounds Closed with Aurix

In a diabetic foot ulcer randomized controlled study††, 81.3% of wounds less than 7cm2 treated with Aurix healed completely in 6.2 weeks, vs. saline gel.


Example of Chronic Pressure Ulcer

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Effective in Grade I and II Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Published Outcomes from Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prospective Trials

Case 1:

BKA Dehiscence with Sinus Tract

Patient History
  • 46 year-old male presented with S/P BKA, with subsequent incisional dehiscence
  • Patient had been hospitalized for 9 of 10 weeks and the wound was showing signs of regression
  • Medical history included diabetes and renal failure
  • Previous treatments included VAC
  • Patient received 3 Aurix treatments over 10 days
  • Sinus tract healed
  • Area reduced 53.3%
  • Volume reduced 95.3%
  • Day 1

  • Day 10

Underlying Measurements
Core Wound Measurements

Case 2:

Extensive Exposed Fascia and Tendon

Patient History
  • 89 year-old female presented with a full thickness left anterior tibial ulcer, with exposed fascia, tendon, and muscle
  • Medical history included diabetes
  • Goal of treatment was to prepare the wound for grafting
  • Patient received one Aurix treatment
  • Volume was reduced 59.2% by Day 7
  • Wound showed extensive granulation tissue growth covering the majority of fascia, tendon & muscle by Day 11, and was ready for grafting
  • Day 1

  • Day 7

  • Day 11

Core Wound Measurements

Case 3:

Surgical Incision

Patient History
  • 38 year-old male presented with S/P surgical incision for an abscess
  • Medical history showed patient was obese
  • After initial treatment with NPWT for 6 days.
    • Area reduced 16.7%
    • Volume reduced 35.9%
    • Depth reduced 1.2 cm
  • Dressing changes proved difficult due to patient weight and size of incision
  • Patient received one Aurix treatment on Day 6
  • 4 Days after Aurix Treatment
    • Area reduced by 42.9%
    • Volume reduced by 78.6%
    • Depth reduced 2.5 cm
  • Day 1 View A

  • Day 1 View B

  • Day 6 View A

  • Day 6 View B

  • Day 10 View A

  • Day 10 View B

Core Wound Measurements

If you wish to review these studies in greater detail, please visit the reference page.